New Symantec Banner

29 Jul

I recently created a new look for Symantec’s ad campaign. I wanted to keep the light background of the previous banners but distinguish the look visually. Here are the banners side-by-side:

New Symantec Banner

New Symantec Banner Ad

Original Symantec Banner

I went for a more dynamic look with the product images, and I switched the call-to-action to “Buy Now” to match Norton’s site. I also tried out a new font – it stands out more but I’m not 100% sure I like it yet.


Net Impact Newsletter

29 Jun

I recently sent my first Net Impact newsletter for our Davis working professionals chapter. I have worked with newsletter templates at work but I wanted a chance to start from scratch, designing the images and <!–hand coding–>. I used Net Impact’s color scheme and created a simple, readable design.

Tap Water Ad Campaign

7 Jun

I recently finished a marketing class where we created a presentation around bottled water marketing.  As a fun side project, I envisioned what is would look like if tap water was marketed like bottled water.  I created three mock-ups: a billboard, a web ad, and a full-page magazine ad.

Water Billboard

The billboard needed to convey a message in six words or less.  The main thrust here was creating a personality for tap water.  Tap water in the SF Bay Area is taken for granted, if not ignored or spurned.  The water is great quality, but it is psychologically disturbing that it comes from a tap.  The source is (generally) unknown, there is no brand to assert quality, and it’s the same stuff that washes your hands and dishes – not to mention other functions.  I tried to separate tap water from the faucet by putting it in a glass.  Viola!  It’s a product – and it has a clear, straightforward request – “turn me on.”  Luckily for tap water, that’s all it takes to get customer adoption.

Web ad

For this web ad, I kept the “turn on” theme and applied it to traveling.  Bottled water works great for traveling, except for the mess that it leaves behind.  Instead of just an awareness campaign, this ad can land on a page with reusable, durable bottles from companies like Sigg and  Nalgene, which can be filled with, you guessed it, tap water.  Now tap water has a personality and an interest.

Magazine ad

The last ad in the series is a magazine spread.  People have more time to spend on magazine ads, so I built a mini-conversation.  It reads like a personals ad, and here it targets bottled water more directly as “extra plastic.”  If readers are aware of the borderline-dishonest practices of bottled water (i.e. major brands not acknowledging the source as municipal water) this reinforces the need for an honest alternative.  If not, this playful ad will establish tap water as an alluring option.

With the whole series, I used the same glass of tap water to establish it as a mascot/spokesperson.  I left it peeking around the corner of  the ad to make it enticing and playful.  I was happy with the results, and the best compliment was when, after the presentation, several students thought that the pictures were from a real ad campaign.

Last Mile Designs

17 May

Just wrapped up a business plan competition.  I learned a lot but the best part was designing a new logo and PowerPoint skin for the business, Last Mile Designs.  I have to say it rocked seeing it on the 40-ft screen at the finals…

LMD Logo

LMD Logo

I tried to match the logo with the focus of the business – simplifying package pickup and connecting points A and B (or L and D).  It’s uber-simple but it looks cohesive and I like the urban/metro font.  Thanks to graphic designer Scott Hansen for mocking up the initial concept.

LMD Final Presentation